Equine Products

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  • Vetsonic is the sole UK distributor for the Eco-Concept range of products from Olmix. Practitioners who care about the environment and would like to supply these unique and effective products, but find it difficult to handle and store 25kg bags, should call our Sales Desk because we can help!

    May we suggest that those of you with an interest in innovative, eco-friendly products should have a look at their website. For any vet who has a particular interest, we can arrange meetings, visits and seminars with this forward-thinking company.

    Sirocco Sirocco bedding conditioner.
    Package: 5kg and 25kg
  • MMi.S MMi.S the proven mycotoxin binder. Unique fine granular formulation incorporating Amadéite, clays and yeast cell walls.
    Package: 25kg
  • Vetsolube Vetsolube for lubrication of hands and instruments during rectal and vaginal examinations.
    Package: 500g and 5kg pump pack
  • Vetsogel Vetsogel Ultrasound coupling gel. Hypoallergenic polymer based gel.
    Package 500g and 5kg pump pack
  • Vetsonic Obstetric Gown Light weight waterproof material with neoprene arm seals - as used on diving suits. Ideal for all situations including artificial insemination, PDing and scanning etc.
  • GYN-Stick the innovate obstetric aid used to manipulate the foal during foaling.

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See our Pharmaceuticals page for all equine medicines.