Bovine Products

See our Pharmaceuticals page for all bovine medicines.

  • Bovi-Bond bovine hoof care. Fast setting adhesive and wooden blocks.
  • Calf wearing jacket Calf Jackets with warmer bags - help the calf maintain a constant temperature. These jackets are made from four layers of material which will keep the calf warm and dry. Most jackets will initially warm the calf but when the calf perspires it will then become chilled and damp, making the original problem even worse! Our jackets have been specially designed and constructed to prevent this happening.
  • GYN-Stick the innovate obstetric aid used to manipulate the calf during calving.

    Instruction Leaflet
  • Immucol Calf Colostrum Immucol® Calf Colostrum a natural bovine colostrum (use as a replacer or a supplement). EBL, Johne's and IBR free. (Lamb colostrum also available.)
    Package: 200g per feed
  • Immucol Platinum Calf Colostrum Immucol® Platinum Calf Colostrum a complete replacer for maternal colostrum. Immucol® Platinum contains an exceptionally high level of natural bovine colostrum and other essential nutrients.*
    Package: 700g sachet

    * Dr Murray Corke, Cambridge Vet School

  • Magnets a wide range of magnets is stocked, including the innovative and unique half-cage magnet. Its use is explained further in this Newsletter from Peter Orpin MRCVS of the Park Veterinary Group.
  • Vetsonic is the sole UK distributor for the Eco-Concept range of products from Olmix. Practitioners who care about the environment and would like to supply these unique and effective products, but find it difficult to handle and store 25kg bags, should call our Sales Desk because we can help!

    May we suggest that those of you with an interest in innovative, eco-friendly products should have a look at their website. For any vet who has a particular interest, we can arrange meetings, visits and seminars with this forward-thinking company.

    Mistral Mistral the world's best-selling sanitising powder for cattle. Recommended by leading experts around the world. Apply in cubicles and/or bedding to reduce ammonia and bacterial infections.
    Package: 25kg
  • MMi.S MMi.S the proven mycotoxin binder. Unique fine granular formulation incorporating Amadéite, clays and yeast cell walls.
    Package: 25kg
  • Sacrolyte electrolyte powder with unique gelling agent enabling a more effective slow release action in calves.
    Package: 15x100g sachets
  • Vetsocheck Vetsocheck a diagnostic kit to identify the cause of diarrhoea in calves. Test for rotavirus, coronavirus, e.coli and cryptosporidium.
    Package: 5 tests per box
  • Vetsolube Vetsolube for lubrication of hands and instruments during rectal and vaginal examinations.
    Package: 500g and 5kg pump pack
  • Vetsonic Obstetric Gown Light weight waterproof material with neoprene arm seals - as used on diving suits. Ideal for all situations including artificial insemination, PDing and scanning etc.
  • Vetsosol Vetsosol water pH regulator used to acidify drinking water when using water medication and to improve water quality and potability.
    Package: 5 litres and 200 litres
    Mixing instructions
    Data sheet

See our Pharmaceuticals page for all bovine medicines.